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This is my personal website found at https://SethBergman.com. It's built with an Express server and deployed to my dokku server. Dokku is a Heroku-like PaaS that is written in ~200 lines of bash. I use either a 12 factor methodology approach, or just write my own Dockerfiles. The server accepts both deployment methods, and combines a git like workflow to make application development and deployment a breeze.

I will define a specified remote server path with the command git remote add dokku [email protected]:app-name. Then I just git push dokku master, with a custom ./ssh config file, and viola! Deployed to app-name.npmstack.com. I can also define custom domains with dokku, so it's a pretty good workflow for sites that don't need a ton of bandwidth. If a client needs more bandwith I usually use either docker-compose or kubernetes with autoscaling. If you're new to app development I would highly recommend using Dokku to get a portfolio of apps in production relatively easily.


Seth Bergman

Seth Bergman

I'm a Software Engineer focused on helping companies scale. I love learning about software architecture, containers, open source programming and automation.

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